Chartreuse Terminorum 2017, 1rst Edition ,  2017 June 2nd to 5th
300km – 80 heures, 5 laps of 60km
« the 1rst  edition will be the easiest one »


Chartreuse Terminorum (5 laps) :                           Zéro finishers
Fun Run / Course du dimanche (3 tours):               Zéro finishers

1rst  lap : (cut 16h00)
36 postulants
from Belgium, Bulgaria, Costa-Rica, Spain, Finland, France, Switzerland, Turkey,
6 arrivals,
1             Gaetan JANSSENS           (38)        12:50:50
2             Maxime GAUDUIN          (73)        12:50:50
3             Mathieu BOYE                 (38)         15:09:04
4             Olivier FABRE                   (38)        15:13:18
5             Benoit REYNIER               (24)        15:13:18
6             Valery CAUSSARIEU        (78)        15:13:18

2nd lap: (cut 32h00)
4 postulants, 1 arrival,
1             Gaetan JANSSENS                          29:16:55

3rd lap : (cut 48h00)
1 postulant, zéro arrival.


« The exceptional Forest of Grande Chartreuse hosts the Chartreuse Terminorum, in a very exceptional area where the tranquility of the environment deserves to be preserved. Thanks to the Isere Department, the Community of Communes of the Heart of Chartreuse, the Regional Nature Park of Chartreuse, the municipalities of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, Saint-Christophe sur Guiers, the ONF (National Forest Office), the Grande Chartreuse forest welcomes the general public on a network of marked trails with more than 130 kilometers, the less hazardous trails, where regular maintenance is provided. Use these facilities which are made for the public and which will allow you to discover this beautiful forest. Do not forget that this forest is also a workplace for lumberjacks, and a fragile environment on certain sectors. The forest is home to an exceptional diversity of biodiversity: alongside you, take part in its preservation by staying on the marked trails. »

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